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Chris Hemsworth Rides Ponies With Daughter India in Iceland

Chris Hemsworth Rides Ponies With Daughter India
Chris Hemsworth Rides Ponies With Daughter. Credit: Gage Skidmore / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

Actor Chris Hemsworth recently spent quality time with his 11-year-old daughter, India, on a special trip to Iceland. The adventure was filled with joy and excitement as they explored the stunning Icelandic landscape.

Hemsworth shared the delightful moments on his Instagram account, where he posted pictures of their Icelandic journey. In one of the photos, they both stood on a glacier, smiling for the camera. To ensure their safety on the icy terrain, they wore helmets, harnesses, and crampons on their shoes, which helped them maintain a firm grip.

The father-daughter duo had an eventful trip. They kicked off their adventure by riding ponies on the second day and then embarked on an ATV expedition to explore more of Iceland’s beauty. Hemsworth even humorously referred to their journey as a “bikey gang” in one of his Instagram posts.

Before reaching Iceland, the Marvel star revealed an interesting tidbit about their in-flight entertainment. He shared a video of India watching one of his movies, “Thor: Ragnarok,” in their first-class suite. Hemsworth jokingly stated that it was India’s choice, emphasizing their strong family bond.

India’s role in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

India is no stranger to her father’s superhero films; in fact, she had a role in one of them. She played a character named Love in “Thor: Love and Thunder,” which was released the previous year. Hemsworth praised her performance, mentioning that directing her was similar to their interactions at home—she insisted on doing things her way, and it turned out exceptionally well.

The film also featured cameo appearances from her mother, Elsa Pataky, and her twin brothers, Tristan and Sasha. Initially, India’s role was meant to be a brief one, but the story took an unexpected turn, granting her more screen time. Hemsworth shared that he offered her the opportunity to deliver dialogue in the film, and she eagerly embraced the challenge.

However, Hemsworth is mindful of ensuring that India has a balanced childhood. He wants her to enjoy her formative years by attending school, riding horses, having fun, and simply being a kid. He understands that the entertainment industry can be demanding, and he wants his daughter to savor her youth without rushing into a career in acting.

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