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Home » Megan Fox Reveals Poetry Book ‘Pretty Boys Are Poisonous’

Megan Fox Reveals Poetry Book ‘Pretty Boys Are Poisonous’

Megan Fox Reveals Poetry Book ‘Pretty Boys Are Poisonous’
Megan Fox reveals her new poetry book ‘Pretty Boys Are Poisonous.’ Credit: Ross / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Megan Fox, known for her role in the movie “Jennifer’s Body,” has exciting news for her fans. She recently shared that she’s written a book of poems called “Pretty Boys Are Poisonous.” This collection of poems, her first, is set to be released on November 7th.

“I wrote a book 💔,” she wrote as the caption for a picture on Instagram. The book’s cover showcases an image of a mouth biting a snake.

“These poems were written in an attempt to excise the illness that had taken root in me because of my silence,” Fox, 37, said in a statement. “I’ve spent my entire life keeping the secrets of men, my body aches from carrying the weight of their sins.”

“My freedom lives in these pages, and I hope that my words can inspire others to take back their happiness and their identity by using their voice to illuminate what’s been buried, but not forgotten, in the darkness,” she added.

More than 70 ‘heartbreaking and dark’ poems

In a statement released by the publisher Simon & Schuster, the book is described as a strong first effort from one of the most famous women of our era. The book features more than 70 poems that are described as “heartbreaking and dark,” highlighting her sharp and mischievous sense of humor.

“Turn the page, bite the apple, and sink your teeth into the most deliciously compelling and addictive books you’ll read all year,” it adds.

Fox, set to appear in the upcoming action sequel “The Expend4bles,” is a mother to three children alongside her former husband, Brian Austin Green. They parted ways in 2020 after a 16-year-long relationship that had its ups and downs. However, now she is engaged to Machine Gun Kelly.

The pair, who became engaged in January 2022, apparently experienced a short separation earlier this year after the star of “Holiday In the Sun” made a cryptic post about the “taste of dishonesty.”

Nevertheless, Fox and Kelly, aged 33, seemed to have reconciled by April, subsequent to a restorative trip to Hawaii, according to PageSix.

Back in 2021, Fox spoke with InStyle about the challenges she had encountered in her career. She often found herself being misinterpreted and confronted with sexism in the entertainment industry.

“I had to adopt a belief system that only I was going to take care of myself and be there for myself because I was constantly going to be outcast or rejected,” she said at the time.

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