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Home » What Pranks to Do on Your Boyfriend Over Text? | Top 15 Pranks

What Pranks to Do on Your Boyfriend Over Text? | Top 15 Pranks

What Pranks to Do on Your Boyfriend Over Text

Are you looking for a playful way to spice up your text conversations with your boyfriend? Pulling off the perfect prank can be an excellent method to inject some humor and surprise into your daily banter.

But finding that sweet spot where the prank is funny yet harmless can be tricky. It’s not just about making him laugh; it’s also about strengthening your bond through shared laughter without crossing any lines.

Did you know April Fools’ Day is one of the best times to get creative with text pranks? Whether it’s this special day or just any regular day when you feel like being mischievous, there are tons of ideas out there that can lead to some hilarious exchanges.

Our list of top 15 pranks provides a variety of options tailored for text messaging, ensuring he’ll never see them coming! Prepare yourself for gags, chuckles, and possibly even earning the title of Prank Master in your relationship.

Ready for a giggle-fest? Keep reading, and let the fun begin.

Key Takeaways

  • Text pranks are a playful way to add humor and surprise to your relationship with your boyfriend, but it’s important to keep them light-hearted and avoid serious topics.
  • Creative text prank ideas include sending upside-down texts, pretending you’ve adopted a new pet, or sharing fake news stories.
  • When planning a funny prank, consider your boyfriend’s sense of humor and boundaries; what may be funny for some can be upsetting for others.
  • Be ready for possible retaliation from your boyfriend after the prank – maintain good spirits, as it’s all in the name of fun.
  • Keep the pranks simple and easy so that both of you can share a laugh without causing any harm or misunderstanding.

Top 15 Pranks to Pull on Your Boyfriend

Get ready to have some fun with these top 15 pranks that are perfect for pulling on your boyfriend over text. From the classic “Makeover” prank to the clever “Upside-Down Text” prank, you’re sure to find some hilarious ideas to try out. Let’s take a look at them all.

The “Makeover” Prank

The Makeover Prank

Start the “Makeover” Prank by sending your boyfriend a series of excited texts about a spontaneous makeover you’ve just had. Describe it as bold and completely different, maybe even outrageous, like dying your hair a rainbow color or cutting it super short.

Keep your descriptions vivid to spark his curiosity.

Next, tell your boyfriend or send him an edited photo that makes your makeover seem real. There are tons of apps that let you change your hairstyle and color in pictures. His jaw might drop at the sight, but remember to reveal the truth before he gets too worked up over your new ‘look.’

Keep things light-hearted; after all, this prank is meant for laughs, not tears.

The “New Pet” Prank

The New Pet Prank

Replace your boyfriend’s digital picture with a photo of an adorable pet and say you’ve adopted a new furry friend. Share funny stories about this fictional pet to keep the prank amusing and light-hearted.

Send cute photos or videos of similar pets, carrying on the joke and keeping him entertained.

Follow up after some time by revealing the truth, leaving both of you laughing about the fun prank together. This playful and harmless prank is perfect for surprising your boyfriend over text, adding laughter to your day without causing any distress. He will definitely go crazy after the new pet prank.

The “Fake Haircut” Prank

The Fake Haircut Prank

The “Fake Haircut” prank can induce a hilarious reaction from your boyfriend by tricking him into thinking that you have given yourself an outrageous haircut. Use a photo editing app to create a convincing image, or even better, find a wig and stage the prank with a selfie.

Once he’s in shock, reveal the truth and enjoy the laughter together.

The anticipation of seeing his reaction is half the fun! Build up your text conversation by dropping hints about wanting to change your look before revealing the prank for maximum impact.

This light-hearted joke will surely leave both of you laughing as you move on to planning your next hilarious scheme.

The “Schedule Change” Prank

The Schedule Change Prank

When pulling off the “Schedule Change” prank, send your boyfriend a fake text message claiming that your plans have shifted. This could involve pretending that you can no longer make it to a date or outing and watching his reaction unfold.

Lighthearted yet effective, this prank is an amusing way to catch him off guard and enjoy some harmless fun together.

Sending a playful text alerting him of unexpected changes in plans can create an element of surprise and humor. The “Schedule Change” prank allows for light-hearted teasing while also showcasing your creativity in coming up with clever pranks for your boyfriend over text.

The “Bad News” Prank

The Bad News Prank

Spice up your text pranking game with the “Bad News” prank, a playful yet harmless way to catch your boyfriend off guard. Dropping an unexpected bombshell over text can stir intrigue and prompt amusing reactions from him.

Whether it’s pretending you lost his favorite item or feigning that something unfortunate happened, the “Bad News” prank will surely keep him on his toes. This light-hearted trick can add a fun twist to your relationship dynamic and provide comic relief.

When executing the “Bad News” prank, remember to ensure that the news isn’t overly serious or distressing for your boyfriend. Keep it light-hearted and humorous while being mindful of his feelings.

As part of finding engaging ways to interact with each other, this type of playful banter through pranks may strengthen your bond by creating memorable moments and shared laughter.

By incorporating this mischievous tactic into your texting repertoire, you’ll bring an element of surprise and amusement into your conversations with your boyfriend without causing any harm.

The “Fake Social Media Post” Prank

The Fake Social Media Post Prank

The “Fake Social Media Post” prank involves creating a fabricated post on your social media account that appears to be about something unexpected or out of character. This can range from an unbelievable announcement, such as winning the lottery or getting engaged, to something comical, like a bizarre hobby you’ve suddenly taken up.

By sharing this on your profile and perhaps tagging your boyfriend in it for extra effect, you can hilariously catch him off guard with the surprise news.

Through this lighthearted deception, you’re likely to evoke a diverse range of reactions from your boyfriend – confusion, amusement, or even concern. It’s essential to ensure that this prank is harmless and doesn’t cause any distress; instead, aim for playful banter and laughter as the outcome.

Remember that humor is key in these situations.

The “Song Lyrics” Prank

The Song Lyrics Prank

Transitioning from the fake social media post prank, another fun and playful way to prank your boyfriend over text is by using the “Song Lyrics” prank. This involves sending a series of messages with lyrics from a well-known song without explaining that they are song lyrics, creating confusion or amusement on your boyfriend’s end.

Using this light-hearted and harmless prank can provoke an entertaining reaction from your boyfriend, especially if he takes the lyrics seriously at first. Whether it’s a classic love ballad or a popular pop hit, choosing song lyrics that resonate with your relationship can make this text prank even more amusing for both of you.

Keep in mind his favorite songs when planning this prank to ensure it strikes the right chord!

The “Fake News” Prank

The Fake News Prank

The “Fake News” prank involves sending your boyfriend a shocking but ultimately untrue piece of news. It could be anything from a fake pregnancy announcement to an outrageous celebrity gossip story.

This prank can provoke strong emotions, so it’s essential to ensure the news is easily disproven and harmless in nature.

Be mindful that this type of prank should always be light-hearted and not meant to cause any genuine concern or upset. Always consider your boyfriend’s sense of humor before attempting this type of joke.

The key here is to evoke surprise and amusement rather than worry or distress.

The “Upside-Down Text” Prank

The Upside-Down Text Prank

After trying the “Fake News” prank, you can take your text pranks to the next level with the “Upside-Down Text” prank. This clever and playful trick involves flipping your message upside down, leaving your boyfriend puzzled as he tries to decipher what you’ve sent him.

You can use online tools or certain smartphone keyboards to achieve this effect seamlessly.

By sending a seemingly illegible message that requires a bit of effort to decode, you’ll undoubtedly evoke curiosity and amusement from your boyfriend. The unexpected nature of this prank makes it an enjoyable way to add some lighthearted fun to your text conversations without causing any harm or confusion.

The “Cat Facts” Prank

The Cat Facts Prank

Send your boyfriend a series of messages about interesting “cat facts” to pull off the classic and cute “Cat Facts” prank. Find amusing and quirky trivia about cats and text him one fact after another, making him wonder why he’s receiving these messages.

Keep up the charade until you reveal that it was all just a fun prank. This harmless joke can leave both of you laughing at the end.

Crafting a message like, “Did you know that cats sleep for an average of 13-14 hours a day?” followed by more surprising cat facts will surely keep your boyfriend intrigued. As you continue with this lighthearted prank, sprinkle in some unexpected cat-related information for additional entertainment value.

The “Fake Nudes” Prank

The Fake Nudes Prank

The “Fake Nudes” prank can be a risky yet daring text prank to play on your boyfriend. Keep in mind that understanding his sense of humor is crucial, as this prank could potentially lead to misunderstandings or even hurt feelings if not executed with caution.

Utilize this text prank idea only if you are certain that your boyfriend can handle it in good spirits, ensuring that the ultimate goal is light-hearted laughter and not discomfort.

Moving forward, let’s explore another playful text prank option known as the “Pretend to be Your Mother” Prank.

The “Pretend to be Your Mother” Prank

The Pretend to be Your Mother Prank

Moving on from the lighthearted “Fake Nudes” prank, consider the amusing “Pretend to Be Your Mother” prank. This classic text prank involves sending messages to your boyfriend inquiring about future plans and expressing concern as if you were your own mother.

It’s a clever way to catch him off guard and prompt a playful reaction.

One of the funniest pranks for boyfriend texts is pretending to be your mom, grilling him with questions and even making suggestions as if from her point of view. Keep in mind that this harmless joke relies on good humor and light teasing; avoid anything too serious or potentially hurtful.

The “Parents are Coming” Prank

The Parents are Coming Prank

To pull off the “Parents are Coming” prank, you can text your boyfriend pretending to be your mom and mention that your parents are planning a surprise visit. This playful prank can stir up some excitement or chaos, depending on how convincing your message is.

You could even include details about what they plan to do during their visit to make the prank more believable. Sending this message when he least expects it will surely catch him off guard and prompt a humorous reaction from him.

Incorporating humor into the prank while texting about your parents’ visit can lead to amusing responses from your boyfriend. Additionally, dropping hints in advance and playing along with his reactions can build anticipation for the big reveal.

This light-hearted approach will ensure that both of you enjoy the fun and laughter resulting from this mischievous act without causing any real distress.

The “Ultimate Prank”

The Ultimate Prank

Transitioning from the humorous prank of pretending your parents are visiting the ultimate prank, this is one that requires careful thought and execution. The ultimate prank should be creative, harmless, and definitely surprising.

It could involve enlisting friends or family members for a coordinated effort or even incorporating some elements of technology to make it truly unforgettable.

This type of prank may require you to spend more time planning and preparing compared to the other pranks. Remember that the key is to keep it light-hearted and fun while ensuring that it will leave a lasting impression.

The “Fake Lottery Ticket” Prank

The Fake Lottery Ticket Prank

A hilarious and harmless text prank to pull on your boyfriend is the “Fake Lottery Ticket” prank. You can send a picture of a fake lottery ticket, claiming that you won a substantial amount of money.

Watch his reaction as he believes he’s hit the jackpot before revealing the truth.

Utilize this playful and mischievous prank to stir up some lighthearted fun with your boyfriend, showcasing your creativity in pranking him over text.

Tips for Successfully Pranking Your Boyfriend Over Text

If you want to prank your boyfriend over text successfully, it’s crucial to consider his sense of humor and the nature of your relationship. A lighthearted and playful approach is essential to ensure that the pranks remain harmless and enjoyable for both parties.

It’s important to gauge his reactions and make sure he finds the humor in your pranks without causing any discomfort or distress.

Understanding the boundaries is key when it comes to texting pranks. Knowing what topics are off-limits ensures that your pranks are fun and do not cross into hurtful territory. Additionally, being prepared for retaliation can add an element of excitement to the prank war while keeping things light-hearted between you two.

When planning a text prank, timing is everything – dropping subtle hints beforehand can build anticipation and make the actual prank even more entertaining. Consider incorporating personal jokes or references that are specific to your relationship; this will make the pranks feel more personalized and deepen the connection between you and your boyfriend.

Examples of Pranks to Text on April Fools’ Day

After learning some expert tips for successfully pranking your boyfriend over text, it’s time to dive into some examples of fun and playful pranks to send on April Fools’ Day. Here are some creative and light-hearted text message prank ideas to surprise and amuse your boyfriend:

  1. The “Upside-Down Text” Prank: Send him messages with upside-down or reversed text, making him turn his device around trying to read them.
  2. The “Fake Lottery Ticket” Prank: Pretend that you’ve won the lottery and excitedly text him about your newfound wealth, only revealing the truth after he’s genuinely ecstatic for you.
  3. The “New Pet” Prank: Share a photo of an adorable pet and pretend that you’ve adopted it without consulting him first, gauging his initial reaction before revealing the prank.
  4. The “Bad News” Prank: Craft a fake serious message expressing some troubling news but follow up with a humorous twist to lighten the mood instantly.
  5. The “Cat Facts” Prank: Start sending informative (and false) cat facts to him as if he’s subscribed to receive random feline trivia throughout the day.
  6. The “Fake Haircut” Prank: Send a photoshopped photo or a picture of someone wearing a wig, pretending that you’ve made an impulsive decision to get an extreme haircut.
  7. The “Pretend to be Your Mother” Prank: Use another phone or number to act as your mother who has found something embarrassing in your room, causing panic before coming clean about the playful joke afterward.

Things to Keep in Mind When Pranking Your Boyfriend Over Text

Be mindful of your boyfriend’s sense of humor, and avoid pranking about serious matters. Ensure the prank is lighthearted and not hurtful, and be prepared for retaliation if you decide to pull a prank on your boyfriend over text.

Ensure the Prank Is Lighthearted and Not Hurtful

Make sure the prank is playful and avoids causing any upset. Keep the joke light and in good humor to maintain a fun atmosphere between you and your boyfriend.

Know Your Boyfriend’s Sense of Humor

Knowing your boyfriend’s sense of humor is crucial before pulling any pranks over text. Understanding what makes him laugh and what he finds amusing will help you choose the right pranks that are playful and enjoyable for both of you.

It’s important to consider his boundaries and ensure that the prank is light-hearted, avoiding anything that could potentially hurt or offend him. By being mindful of his sense of humor, you can ensure that the pranks are well-received and add fun to your relationship without causing any discomfort.

Avoid Pranking About Serious Matters

Knowing your boyfriend’s sense of humor is crucial when it comes to pulling off a successful text prank. However, it’s equally important to remember not to joke about serious matters.

Avoid pranking involving topics that could cause unnecessary worry or distress, such as health issues, relationship problems, family emergencies, or financial concerns. Keep the pranks light-hearted and harmless, ensuring they bring laughter rather than anxiety.

Consider your boyfriend’s sensitivities and steer clear of any jokes that could potentially offend him or others involved. By maintaining sensitivity and thoughtfulness in your approach to texting pranks, you can ensure a fun and playful experience without crossing into sensitive or serious territory.

Only Prank if You Are Prepared for Retaliation

Pranking your boyfriend over text can be a fun way to add some humor and excitement to your relationship. However, it’s essential to remember that pranks can lead to retaliation. Before initiating any prank, consider how your boyfriend might react and whether you’re prepared for potential payback.

Keeping the pranks lighthearted and harmless can help ensure that they don’t escalate into something more serious. It’s important to gauge his sense of humor and make sure the prank won’t cause any hurt feelings.

Understanding that retaliation could occur when executing a prank on your boyfriend is crucial. Being mentally prepared for potential payback helps maintain a playful dynamic in the relationship.

Anticipating his reaction before pulling off a prank is key to avoiding any negative impact on your relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some funny text message pranks I can do on my boyfriend?

You can send prank messages that are playful and creative, like pretending you’ve adopted a new pet or won an outrageous contest, to get a hilarious reaction from your boyfriend.

Can you suggest harmless pranks for April Fools that work over text?

Absolutely! Sending him a fake but believable news article or scheduling him for a pretend event are both easy and harmless April Fools’ pranks to pull off through text.

What kind of clever pranks can catch my boyfriend by surprise over text?

For clever texting pranks, try sending him riddles that lead nowhere or make up an intricate story about something unbelievable happening to keep him guessing.

Are there any creative prank ideas I could use that require no setup?

Sure! You could change your name in his contacts and playfully confuse him or send unexpected song lyrics piece by piece for an amusing twist during your conversation.

What type of mischievous but harmless jokes should I play on my boyfriend?

Choose witty puns or humorous misunderstandings as the basis for your mischievous texts; they’re perfectly lighthearted ways to provoke laughter without going too far.

How do I execute a playful yet hilarious prank over texting with my partner?

Send sudden declarations of bizarre changes in life plans — like moving abroad suddenly — the key is timing it right so he’s entertained once he figures out it’s all just playful banter.


The top 15 pranks to do on your boyfriend over text offer a variety of fun and creative ways to playfully tease and surprise him. These practical and easy-to-implement strategies are designed to entertain while maintaining a lighthearted approach.

Applying these prank ideas can lead to playful interactions that strengthen your bond with your boyfriend. If you’re looking for further inspiration, consider exploring additional resources or engaging in further reading on this topic.

Remember, laughter is key in any relationship, so feel free to unleash your creativity and have some fun with your text pranks.

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